Meet The Texas Center Team
What you can count on...
The Therapists at the Texas Center for Neuromuscular Therapy are exceptional therapists who decided to expand on the therapeutic value of massage by learning the techniques necessary to treat clients at a neuromuscular level. This skill / talent takes years to master and all therapists at the Texas Center are well qualified to meet the needs of all clients.
Tom Kaptain : Neuromuscular Therapist / Owner

Pain relief from muscular pain is something very precious to me. Sharing and helping others to have this freedom from muscular pain is my primary purpose. If you are uncertain if neuromuscular therapy is for you, then may I suggest you try it once? As words of wisdom have told us over the centuries “ leave no stone unturned” and neuromuscular pain relief is definitely a stone to not leave unturned for pain relief.

It was that fateful day back in 1983. I was 32, in the music business and completely absorbed with my work in Pompano beach, Florida. That morning, I awoke, decided it was time to get up, but I couldn’t move my body. My mind said get up, however, the body didn’t obey. It was terrifying. It took almost fifteen minutes to move and get up. Up until this, I never had any physical problems to speak of and had been extremely active in sports, on land and sea from the moment my young body was capable of activity.

Promptly, I began to exercise again (after a few years of non-activity except for beach Volleyball). Soon, I noticed my right shoulder was two inches lower than the left and the muscles throughout the right arm, shoulder and back felt extremely locked up and numb. Up until this moment I hadn’t noticed this condition. I should mention I pitched baseball in organized league and high school for eleven years and threw thousands of curveballs from 1958 thru 1969. I asked my yoga-stretching teacher what could be done to correct this dropped shoulder, and what she said changed my life to a new way of thinking about my body and care of it. Fate stepped into my life again. What she said was “you need is Neuromuscular deep tissue therapy”. I said, “what is that”, and when I received my first Neuromuscular deep tissue therapy session I was overcome with enormous relief. It took about fifteen sessions to correct the shoulders chronic severity and during these sessions I remember telling myself that someday I am going to learn how to do this for people who are suffering from pain just as I was.

Five years later, I sold my music shop and took one year off to wait for the inspiration to show me the way to a career with real purpose and not just another job to get a pay-check. It actually happened to me in February 1989. An inspiration from somewhere beyond me stepped into my life to let me know my life’s calling. Three days later I was in therapy school and haven’t looked back since.

In the past 24 years since the fall of 1989, my career as a neuromuscular therapist Has spanned performing over 30,000 therapy sessions for muscular/skeletal conditions of all types, including the elderly, children, professional athletes of all major sports and everyone else.
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